Class UiConfiguration

  • public class UiConfiguration
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • UiConfiguration

        public UiConfiguration​(java.lang.Boolean deepLinking,
                               java.lang.Boolean displayOperationId,
                               java.lang.Integer defaultModelsExpandDepth,
                               java.lang.Integer defaultModelExpandDepth,
                               ModelRendering defaultModelRendering,
                               java.lang.Boolean displayRequestDuration,
                               DocExpansion docExpansion,
                               java.lang.Object filter,
                               java.lang.Integer maxDisplayedTags,
                               OperationsSorter operationsSorter,
                               java.lang.Boolean showExtensions,
                               java.lang.Boolean showCommonExtensions,
                               TagsSorter tagsSorter,
                               java.lang.String[] supportedSubmitMethods,
                               java.lang.String validatorUrl,
                               java.lang.String swaggerBaseUiUrl)
        Default constructor
        deepLinking - If set to true, enables deep linking for tags and operations. See the Deep Linking documentation for more information.
        displayOperationId - Controls the display of operationId in operations list. The default is false.
        defaultModelsExpandDepth - The default expansion depth for models (set to -1 completely hide the models).
        defaultModelExpandDepth - The default expansion depth for the model on the model-example section.
        defaultModelRendering - Controls how the model is shown when the API is first rendered. (The user can always switch the rendering for a given model by clicking the 'Model' and 'Example Value' links.)
        displayRequestDuration - Controls the display of the request duration (in milliseconds) for Try-It-Out requests.
        docExpansion - Controls the default expansion setting for the operations and tags. It can be 'list' (expands only the tags), 'full' (expands the tags and operations) or 'none' (expands nothing).
        filter - If set, enables filtering. The top bar will show an edit box that you can use to filter the tagged operations that are shown. Can be Boolean to enable or disable, or a string, in which case filtering will be enabled using that string as the filter expression. Filtering is case sensitive matching the filter expression anywhere inside the tag.
        maxDisplayedTags - If set, limits the number of tagged operations displayed to at most this many. The default is to show all operations.
        operationsSorter - Apply a sort to the operation list of each API. It can be 'alpha' (sort by paths alphanumerically), 'method' (sort by HTTP method) or a function (see Array.prototype.sort() to know how sort function works). Default is the order returned by the server unchanged.
        showExtensions - Controls the display of vendor extension (x-) fields and values for Operations, Parameters, and Schema.
        showCommonExtensions - Controls the display of extensions (pattern, maxLength, minLength, maximum, minimum) fields and values for Parameters.
        tagsSorter - Apply a sort to the tag list of each API. It can be 'alpha' (sort by paths alphanumerically) or a function (see Array.prototype.sort() to learn how to write a sort function). Two tag name strings are passed to the sorter for each pass. Default is the order determined by Swagger-UI.
        supportedSubmitMethods - List of HTTP methods that have the Try it out feature enabled. An empty array disables Try it out for all operations. This does not filter the operations from the display.
        validatorUrl - By default, Swagger-UI attempts to validate specs against's online validator. You can use this parameter to set a different validator URL, for example for locally deployed validators (Validator Badge). Setting it to null will disable validation. This parameter is relevant for Swagger 2.0 specs only.
    • Method Detail

      • getDeepLinking

        public java.lang.Boolean getDeepLinking()
      • getDisplayOperationId

        public java.lang.Boolean getDisplayOperationId()
      • getDefaultModelsExpandDepth

        public java.lang.Integer getDefaultModelsExpandDepth()
      • getDefaultModelExpandDepth

        public java.lang.Integer getDefaultModelExpandDepth()
      • getDefaultModelRendering

        public ModelRendering getDefaultModelRendering()
      • getDisplayRequestDuration

        public java.lang.Boolean getDisplayRequestDuration()
      • getFilter

        public java.lang.Object getFilter()
      • getMaxDisplayedTags

        public java.lang.Integer getMaxDisplayedTags()
      • getShowExtensions

        public java.lang.Boolean getShowExtensions()
      • getShowCommonExtensions

        public java.lang.Boolean getShowCommonExtensions()
      • getTagsSorter

        public TagsSorter getTagsSorter()
      • getSupportedSubmitMethods

        public java.lang.String[] getSupportedSubmitMethods()
      • getValidatorUrl

        public java.lang.String getValidatorUrl()
      • getSwaggerBaseUiUrl

        public java.lang.String getSwaggerBaseUiUrl()